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Wendell Owens

The following is a testimonial from my grandson, Konnor Kristenson, who rented his first farm last year. He has been using RL-37, X-Hume, and Z-Hume to improve biology and bacterial life in the soil that needs to be brought back to proper biological balance. He shares his experience and offers the following valuable tips.

With my Grandpa being co-owner of International Aglabs since 1986, he has taught me the great importance of bacteria and biology of a farm. He has also taught that certain farming practices can either hurt or help the biology of a farm. Because of bacteria and biology, it takes many years to bring back a farm to a good level of biological activity. My grandpa has had to help farmers bring back the biology of a farm, and through those experiences he has told me it can take at least five or more years to get a farm back to proper biological balance.

I rented my first farm last year. While I am not certain of the farming practices used on this farm, I can tell that the farm is not at a high level of biological activity. The biggest evidence of a lack of biologic activity was looking at my bean stubble from last year’s bean crop. There are still large amounts of corn stalks mixed into the bean stubble. The corn stalks have been there for two years. The lack of decomposition tells me that the bacteria levels are not high enough to quickly decompose the trash from the prior years. In contrast, on my father and grandfather’s farms, stalks break down within the year.

Another way that I can tell the biology of the farm is not quite balanced are all the spots that hold water. Standing water promotes anaerobic bacteria instead aerobic bacteria; anaerobic bacteria do not help a farm’s production. Aerobic bacteria are the type that promotes decomposition. In contrast, our fathers farm was the first to drain in the neighboring fields, even though it was the low end of the tile.

A third way I know my farm needs biologic support is based on earth worm activity. My father picked three rocks from his field. He averaged seven worms under each rock. My mom picked three rocks off my field and there no earth worms. Earth worms are a sign of healthy soil.

To start the process of improving the biology and bacterial life in my farm I have used RL-37, X-Hume, and Z-Hume. Each one of these products will help improve biology and bacterial life in the soil. The RL-37 would be used to stimulate the bacteria that are already present. Z-Hume will help create nitrogen by helping decompose the humus that is already in the soil. Lastly, the X-Hume would be used as a starter seed inoculant.

When applying these products, I would use them in furrow mainly because it gets the products in the ground. X-Hume should be applied in the spring. RL-37 can be applied in the spring but could be applied as a foliar part way through the year. Z-Hume is a product that I would use in the spring to help provide more nitrogen during the growing season, but this product is mainly used in the fall to help break down the fall residue.

For all three of these products, apply two quarts to the acre. Along with these products, use 2 lbs of dextrose in the mixture as a food source for the bacteria and other living organisms. Keep your soil healthy and alive.

Happy Farming and God Bless

Konnor Kristenson

Wendell Owens

of International Ag Labs

Wendell Owen

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