Starter Fertilizer

International Ag Labs wanted a starter fertilizer that contained 2 key trace minerals vital to seed growth and development in addition to plant available Phosphorous—so we made our own! This special blend provides Phosphorous in the ortho-phosphate form which means it’s immediately available to the plant. Manganese is necessary as a seed lacking this element will not grow and Zinc is important in many facets including regulating plant growth and chlorophyll formation. Crops will be off to a vigorous start with this great combination.

Recommended Application

3-5 gal 8-25-0-0.10Mn-0.10Zn
2 qts Z-Hume
1 pt RL-37
3 lbs Dextrose

Typically Recommended Crops


Note: If HydroCarb is used in a starter it is not necessary to include RL-37 and Dextrose.

Wendell Owens

of International Ag Labs

Wendell Owen

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