Bulking the Kernels

Bulking the Kernels

Do you know you can get one-third more corn if you can bulk the kernels of corn?

That works for sweet corn also.

Doctor Skow always said to do this and I know he was right because I have done it. Do you know that corn isn’t supposed to dent? That dent is just shrinkage from the kernels drying out and if you bulk it you can stop that process. Not the process of drying but can prevent the dent in each kernel.

If you are going to do this you need to know the difference between growth elements and seed elements.

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Corn is what I call a three stage plant. First you grow it; you seed it, seeding is when the tassel comes out, and then you bulk it.

There is much more to it to raising a good corn crop. You need to make sure there is enough available nitrogen, as well as P, K, and the other secondary elements such as calcium, sulfates, and magnesium. Don’t forget the micronutrients which include the forgotten micronutrients nickel and molybdenum. Just because you do not get a yield increase does not mean you do not need them.

Sometimes lack of certain nutrients may result in a disease in your corn. You may say “where did that come from”. You want to do everything in your power to raise a good corn crop.

That brings us to bulking a crop of corn. You would use growth elements to bulk it. If you have low calcium or potassium use calcium nitrate or potassium nitrate to replenish your bulking elements. Sometimes natural products can help with bulking kernels such as LSB which helps cytokinesis or cell division.

You may want to think about bulking your corn crop. Now is a good time to think about it.

God bless,


Wendell Owens

of International Ag Labs

Wendell Owen

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