HydroCarb is a liquid carbohydrate with added biostimulants to support roots and soil biology. This product contains humic and fulvic acids to enhance seed germination. HydroCarb is the perfect complement to X-Hume, our microbial inoculant used in a starter. The goal is to create thriving microbial community in the root zone as soon as the seeds germinate. When a plant has healthy roots the whole plant will be healthy.

Recommended Application

1 gal/acre

Typically Recommended Crops


1 gal/acre HydroCarb
3-5 gal/acre 8-25-0-0.10Mn-0.10Zn
2 qt/acre X-Hume


In furrow with Starter:

1 gal/acre HydroCarb*
1 gal/acre 8-25-0-0.10Mn-0.10Zn
1-2 qt/acre X-Hume

*Note: If you use HydroCarb in your starter there is no need to apply Dextrose or RL-37--it is already incorporated.

Wendell Owens

of International Ag Labs

Wendell Owen

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