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RL-37 What Is It?

During the years I have been in this business. I have been asked specifically what the mode of action is for RL-37. This is very difficult question to answer. In this newsletter I will attempt to explain some of the things International Ag Labs has found out about this product.

RL-37 is unique blend of humic acid, liquid seaweed, and natural plant fatty acids. RL-37 offers farmers a special detoxification product for soils that have nutrient imbalances, herbicide residues, and toxins produced from anaerobic soil conditions. RL-37, by correcting these conditions, allows plants to take up greater amounts of phosphate which increases the soluble sugars and amino acids in plants which can then be converted into proteins.

The fulvic acid in RL-37 is a low molecular weight humic compound that increases the plants cell wall permeability facilitating greater uptake of water. The fulvic acid in RL-37 helps water penetrate plant cells assisting nutrient uptake during drought conditions. The increased water uptake and phosphate availability due to humic compounds in RL-37 increases the soluble sugars in plants which increases the asmotic pressure inside the cell wall and enables the plant to withstand wilting in low humidity conditions.

Water is very critical to the process of photosynthesis. The water molecule furnishes the hydrogen and oxygen atoms to combine with the carbon dioxide from the air in the presence of phosphate to produce simple sugars which are then converted into complex carbohydrates, proteins and oils. When RL-37 is added to water it greatly increases the electrical conductivity of the solution in such a way that its very beneficial to plant growth. The organic electrolytic compounds in RL-37 are very powerful and when diluted or expanded with water are amplified by water making a transport medium of very high electrolytic action. The electrolytic action of RL-37 is what attracts compounds to it such as herbicides, pesticides and other toxins which can later be broken down into water, carbon dioxide and free radicals, rendering the original compound harmless.

Once the herbicide or pesticide is absorbed onto the humic compounds in RL-37 they become nontoxic to bacteria and they can be broken down into simple nontoxic molecules. Humic compounds increase the water holding capacity of soils. Humates improve tilth of soils and workability. RL-37 helps reduce soil erosion by increasing the water holding capacity of the soil and the electrical charge of the soil solution. The result of this increased electrical charge is better retention of water soluble inorganic fertilizers and then releases them to the growing plants as needed. RL-37 greatly increases the microbial activity of soils which allows the microorganisms to impregnate nitrogen from the air with oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. The end result of this process is the addition of ammonia, nitrates, and amino acids to the soil. Amino acids through condensation become proteins. Some proteins are enzymes, which serve as organic catalysts to increase the speed with which chemical reactions can take place within the molecular compounds of the cells. No reactions can occur in a cell unless its own personalized enzyme is present and active.

Commercial nitrogen is often applied in excess amounts and is taken up by plants faster than the plant can completely assimilate the nitrogen. The build up of nitrogen in plants makes the plants susceptible to insects because the electrical frequency given off by the plants under excessive nitrogen stress attracts insects. The humic acids in RL-37 assists the plant in normalizing the flow of nitrogen into the plant and helps the plant convert the build up of amino acids in the sap into proteins. The more complete proteins in plants the more resistant the plant is to insects. Insects cannot feed very well on proteins because they cannot break down the bonds between the amino acids that make up the proteins. This is why the addition of RL-37 in liquid nitrogen assists the plant in being more resistant to insects, such as corn borers. The use of commercial fertilizer to grow crops often causes luxuriant plant feeding of the fertilizer causing a build up of amino acids in the sap of plants. This attracts many types and kinds of insects to feed on these amino acids. Different insects will feed at different times based on the variation and concentration of amino acids in plants that emanate different electrical frequencies. This is what attracts different kinds of insects to plants at different times during the growing season.

RL-37 contains fulvic acids (formic, acetic, propionic, aspartic) which promote plant growth, This low molecular weight organic acids when not available in soils result in poor plant growth. The humic acids in RL-37 contains porphyism which contains iron and magnesium within there organic rings. These porphyisms found in the chlorophyll assists in trapping of light energy and its transfer of energy through the electron transport systems accelerating various growth mechanisms of plants in photosynthesis.

When RL-37 is added to water and liquid fertilizers it sets up the solution to specific energy patterns. The structured water can now correct the distorted energy patterns in plants due to pathogens or deficiency. This is why we always recommend the addition of water to nearly all fertilizer mixes and blends. International Ag Labs is continually doing research with RL-37 and it continues to amaze us with the results we discover. Each year we find out about more research done with seaweed, fatty acids, and humic acids all found in RL-37. This research helps us better understand how RL-37 works and helps soil tilth and structure and plant growth.

We strongly recommend that you consider the use of RL-37 in your fertility program based on the information in this newsletter. If you are currently using herbicides this is a good way to keep herbicide residues tied up. RL-37 helps normalize soil conditions, improves water holding capacity and over time dissipates hard pan. RL-37 by itself does not do all this but included in a planned program can help you reach these goals much faster.

You can read more about RL-37 on our website.

Good farming and God bless,

Wendell Owens

Wendell Owens

of International Ag Labs

Wendell Owen

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