Let's Talk Meeting 2017

lets talk west des moines

March 3rd - West Des Moines, IA

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites West Des Moines - Jordan Creek
6075 mills Civic Parkway
West Des Moines, IA 50266

We're once again doing our Let's Talk Meeting in West Des Moines, IA!

Topics Include:

Let's TalkTransitioning away from glyphosate and genetically modified seeds. One way to cut cost is to quite buying $400 per bag of seed corn. But how do you do that safely without losing your crop.

Let's TalkWendell's Story: Low-level glyphosate contamination on non-GMO corn. This is not an isolated event. What can you do to mitigate lost yield?

Let's TalkWhat is the market telling you when commodity prices just won't move up? It means you need to find an alternative income stream - on the farm.


Wendell Owens - Wendell is a long time partner in IAL. In order keep his business active, Dan Skow contacted Wendell Owens, a longtime associate and local farmer to manage operations. Initially Wendell was a one-man wonder doing all the work of soil testing, phone consultation, and product sales. Soon the business was growing and needed proper facilities and more staff. At this point Wendell bought into the company and has continued to manage operations. Wendell makes most of the fertility recommendations for International Ag Labs. Wendell, along with his son-in-law, Kevin, farm over 300 acres and manage a beef herd. They farm about half the land organically and the other half biologically.Wendell brings many years of practical farming experience to the table as he makes fertility recommendations.

Jon Frank - Jon Frank is the owner of International Ag Labs, based in the solidly Ag community of southern Minnesota. He is a soil consultant with over 13 years of experience in his field. He is the founder of High Brix Gardens, the market garden/backyard garden division of IAL. Jon is fascinated with the correlation between minerally rich soil and nutrient dense food and its subsequent impact on human health. Jon has personally created all of IAL’s products in the last 8 years, and has seen particular success in crafting fertility programs that significantly boost yield and quality. Jon is currently developing a universal standard of nutrient density with the help of growers around the country. Jon and his wife Rebecca have 5 children and live in rural Minnesota within shouting distance of Iowa.


2:30 pm - Registration
3:00 pm - Teaching Starts
6:00 pm - Supper Meal Provided
Talk Individually up to 8:00

Registration: $20/person

Pre-register by March 1st. On site registration day of event is $25.


You can also call MerriDee at International Ag Labs to reserve your seat today: 507-235-6909



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