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    Food Scares Creating Local Markets

    As more and more food scares and problems develop from industrialized food, we see a response of more and more people wanting to buy local foods. Either they want to grow it or they want to buy it. And it's opening many many opportunities for people to jump into the business of growing quality foods. From Minnesota down to Texas and all the way east, we see a tremendous increase in market gardens, greenhouses and people wanting to produce quality foods. The local communities are really stepping up support to buy locally produced foods and there's a growing consumer movement as well, consumers are wanting quality food as measured on a refractometer as well as by taste.

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    In the Call To Arms Course, we teach the nuts and bolts of how to produce the best tasting, best quality foods. You'll learn what the 5 essential tools are that must be integrated for best results. We also give testimonials and look at sample soil reports and discuss the progress people are making in the program. What the Call To Arms Course represents is an opportunity for those people who are seriously considering starting a business and producing top quality food. It's a blueprint, a starting point you might say, on how to get there. It represents an opportunity to tap into this really strong demand for fresh and quality foods. Various highlights and a brief introduction of the course are seen in the video above and if you're interested in even more information, please go to: